Asset Management

Leap into the future with a new way of thinking about IoT devices as an asset class

Create Assets

Mint new assets on-chain, visualising them with our platform and analytics dashboard.

Delete Assets

Destroy assets no longer in use by sending them to a burn address acting as a delete function.

Control Metadata

Freedom to do what you want with your assets and their data

Download Metadata

Remotely download from any location your metadata containing your device details (JSON format).

Update Metadata

Upload your local metadata and pre-existing default configuration set to make immediate updates.


Monetise your smart devices with revolutionary revenue models

Route Payments

Route payments made directly to a device's on-chain ID to the devices owner's wallet. Automate and split up payments to all stakeholders of a device.

Set Payment Terms

Accept payments in any cryptocurrency and from any ERC-20/677/777 token allowing for an infinitely expandable customer base.


Meet regulatory standards by strategically selecting which on-chain addresses can purchase your devices and data

Whitelist Addresses

Select which on-chain wallet addresses you wish to whitelist allowing you to decide which addresses can send you payments.

Restricted Access

Automatically blacklist all addresses unless added to the whitelist.

Access Controls

Set access rights based on operator status and payee status within our platform

Ownership and Operator Classes

Separation between owner and operator classes allow devices to be managed by multiple parties.

Organisation Roles

Additional profiles can be configured to other on-chain accounts, allowing you to specify how different organisational roles are able to interact with your assets.